The Right Fit

Established in 1982, Miracle Square is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization in Tucson, AZ that provides a unique and supportive living environment for elderly men and women receiving very low incomes who have challenges from advanced age and/or physical disabilities.

The following information illustrates why individuals choose to live at Miracle Square, how we're different from other organizations and provides an overview that can help you determine if Miracle Square is right for you or a loved one.

We're not an institution. We support our residents' values – that's what independence is all about. Our residents decide how they live, when they eat, what programs to participate in,  and who they allow in their apartments. After all, it's YOUR life! Our special facility, affordable furnished apartments, transportation services, alarm systems, our advocacy and training programs all focus on the specific needs of our residents and help them delay or avoid institutional care.

Low-income requirements. All Miracle Square residents struggle with the challenges inherent to receiving a low monthly income. For example, a single-person household must currently receive an annual income of $19,950 or less to qualify for residency at Miracle Square. (Please contact us regarding more specific information or requirements.)

Everything you need. We admit our apartments are small — but they are complete with kitchenettes, furnishings, appliances, TV, a private mailbox, and room for your own pet!

We partner with many other agencies. Years of experience have led to fantastic relationships with many other local service providers including meal delivery programs, housekeeping services, in-home health care and more.

People come here to stay. We occasionally have vacancies, so you'll want to get on our waiting list. But the truth is most of our folks have lived here for years. They are good friends and part of the Miracle Square family.

So come on in and take a tour today!

We welcome prospective residents, their family members and, of course, professional case workers, discharge planners, health care professionals and others to come by for a personal tour.  Simply call 520-624-5860 to set an appointment.


Meet the Staff

Tom Cowdry
Executive Director


Jeannette R. Warren
Advocate and Operations Director



Lynn Sagara, MPH
Administrative Director